This walk involves a short bus ride to the Doddnaze estate and a trail that is designed for wheelchair accessibility.

Length and time
½ mile, 30 minutes (not including stopping to look at the views)

Gradients – how strenuous
There are a number of slight inclines

Terrain – how uneven
The ground is firm and dry with some stretches of tarmac

Obstacles – stiles, steps etc.
There are no obstacles


Points of interest
Fantastic views of nearby hillsides; donkeys in the field at the end of the walk; picnic tables


Take the bus 595 from the Hebden Bridge town centre or the railway station to Hirst Grove, Doddnaze (make a note of return times). Most buses on this route will take wheel chairs, but occasionally a non accessible bus is used – check with the driver on the way up.

Just back from the bus top is a small lane running in between two rows of houses. At the end of the lane you reach some garages and the entrance to Highhurst Walk which was established in 2004 with funding from Living Spaces and Yorkshire Water.

The start of Highhurst walk
The start of Highhurst walk

It is a circular winding path with and with no junctions to get lost at. There are seats at viewing points of moorland and the villages of Heptonstall and Old Town. Where there is an incline, the path has been asphalted.

At the end of the walk, turn right and right again at the T junction, this will take you back to the bus stop to return to Hebden Bridge.

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