Making Tracks – Woodland Walk

Distance: 1.5 miles

As you walk along, collect items from the woodland floor such as twigs, petals and leaves. When you get home find an old container, fill it with soil and create your own woodland garden with the things you picked up.

  1. Start on Midgeley Road taking the canal towpath to the left at the bridge. Walk along the towpath to the next bridge (no. 12) at Redacre, cross over the bridge and follow the track to the left into and along the bottom of the woods.
  2. Fork right onto a higher path just after a seat
  3. Follow this path as it winds along, ignoring side paths to the left and right, then down to a stream – cross the stream and start climbing up through the bluebell woods and then up lots of steps.
  4. Leave the woods and walk uphill through the field following the yellow topped posts, crossing the boardwalk and up some more steps
  5. Take the first right turn at the top and climb over a stile into a field.
  6. Head down the hill through the field, walk over another two boardwalks, then over a stile and a stream at the bottom of the hill and into the woods again.
  7. Cross over another stream
  8. Follow the path back along the top of Redacre Wood, then down to the bridge and rejoin the canal towpath.