Pennine Way loop

The original route of the Pennine Way missed out Hebden Bridge, but now you can walk the loop into the town and rejoin the Pennine Way later on.

The loop also makes a great circular walk. There is a separate website with the details:

A map of the route
Detailed directions South to North
Detailed directions North to South


Tom Stephenson 1960's
Tom Stephenson, founder of the Pennine Way, in the 1960’s

We launched the Hebden Bridge loop of The Pennine Way on April 25th 2015 Рthe 50th anniversary of the Pennine Way. The Loop cost £2500 to complete the project. Many people supported the new route.


The 'brains' behind the loop
The ‘brains’ behind the loop
Snow ear Stoodley Pike
This was taken at Swillington below Stoodley Pike in 2013. You can just about make out the top of the finger post!

Feedback on the route

We want people walking the route to send us feedback (good and bad). We have a budget to maintain the route so we want to know about any improvements that need doing:

  • Drainage issues
  • Waymarking
  • vegetation cutting back
  • Problems with gates and stiles etc.

Send your feedback here. We will only pass on your email address to CROWS who will go and fix the problem.