Stoodley Pike from Dauber Bridge via Broadhead Clough

3.5 miles; 2 hours. Moderate diffiulty, with a couple of steep climbs. Wet moorland.

Walk or take the 901 bus to Dauber Bridge, just under a mile up Cragg Road from Mytholmroyd. Take the concrete track which forks up to the right. Follow this track gently uphill, ignoring a turning on your right.

The concrete eventually gives way to an unmetalled track and soon afterwards, just beyond a cattle grid, you arrive at a junction of paths. Across the junction is the lower entrance to Broadhead Clough nature reserve. Follow the well-used track up through the reserve (ignore a waymarked path on your right). This often-steep path takes you to the upper entrance of the reserve marked by a gate. Here the path turns sharp right and climbs steeply out of the woods and up on to the moor.

Once on the moor, take the path briefly to the left and then bear right towards the marker generic valium 10mg no prescription post above the path. Follow this until you come to a boundary stone. Just beyond this the path bears left. On the horizon to your left is a line of electric poles beyond which is a long stone wall. The path gradually makes its way towards them. Just before you reach the poles, the Pike monument comes into sight. Go straight on to reach a very wide pathway flanked by walls on either side. This is the beginning of Dick Lane, soon flanked by a conifer plantation on your left.

At the far end of Dick Lane, the wall on the right bears to the right. The ground in this area can be pretty wet but it is possible to pick out a dry route alongside the wall. Head for a marker post on the left hand side of the wall. Follow the path (now the Pennine Way) up to the monument.