Stoodley Pike via The Hinchcliffe pub

3.5 miles; 1 hour 45 mins. Moderate difficulty with some gentle climbs.

From the Hinchliffe pub, Cragg Vale HX7 5TA, Tel:01422 883256

Get off the 901 bus just before Cragg Vale Junior School on Cragg Road.

Cross over and walk down Church Bank Lane past the church to the Hinchliffe. You’re already on the Calderdale Way (CW), which you will mostly follow for about 3 miles.

From the pub, take the metalled road uphill to Withens Clough reservoir. The road continues along the side of the reservoir and soon becomes a stony track. Ignore a path signed to Stoodley Pike opposite an inlet in the reservoir and continue until shortly before the large phentermine online safety evergreen wood, where you make a right turn upwards along a wide grassy path clearly signposted as the Calderdale Way.

Towards the top of this you leave the CW, taking a left turn marked “Yorkshire Water – Permissive Bridleway”. This runs above the wood. You are soon back on the CW. The path then takes a sharp turn to the right through a gated field.

At the far gate the path runs gradually then more steeply, downhill until the Pennine Way (and Walk 3) comes in from the left. Here you turn right. The often rough and rocky path then runs along the top of the escarpment to the monument.