Notes from our meetings

Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd Walkers ActionMinutes of Meeting held on 7th December 2022 at the Robin Hood Pecket Well

 Present – Ian Vickridge (chair)  Pete Thomasson (treasurer) Mo Ludlam (secretary) Sue Kay

Apologies – Nina Smith, Jean Williams, Sue Fenton, Suzy Hesselden,

Minutes of Last Meeting –  Agreed

Treasurers report – See report submitted by Pete and distributed. There continues to be a flow of funds through the sale of the walks leaflets.

Matters arising from the last meeting not on the Agenda – none

Distribution of walk leaflets update including Halifax Hub –  There has been no further payments from the Hub. Mo to check. To check with Nina regarding walk leaflets in Howarth. Will the Kindness shop sell our leaflets? Mo to investigate.  Jean continues to ensure that Jo’s kitchen in Mytholmroyd is stocked with leaflets. Mo has been to Innovations, the Bookshop and the Town Hall to ensure they are stocked with our leaflets to sell.

 Slow ways what to do – Sue to look at slow ways website. Neil Diment no longer involved and doesn’t want to join Walkers Action. He is a committed CROWs volunteer now.

Walkers are Welcome – No one attended the AGM at Alton. Mo did not do an article for the xanax newsletter regarding literary figures in their area. She could have written an article about the Ted Hughes walks but didn’t.  The annual report is due at the end of January 2023.

Future of Todwalkers – Netti Williams and Nick  will attend the next Walkers Action meeting with Nick to discuss possible amalgamation.

Children’s Walks – Sue to go out with Ian with a waymarking kit.

Time to plan next year’s Arts festival contribution – Sue and Ian to pop in to the Arts festival drop in at the town hall re ‘Power in the Landscape’.

Valley Life Walking Column  Mo wrote an article regarding Nutclough. Next article – Stoodley Pike and its history. It will allow us to publicise our walks leaflets that describe walks to the Pike.

Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 31st January 2023 6.30pm to eat or 7.30pm meeting.