901 BUS WALKS 8 White House – Blackstone Edge Circular



White House – Blackstone Edge Circular

Main features of the walk
This is a circular walk along part of the Pennine Way and around Green Withens Reservoir, providing marvellous views over the Greater Manchester plains and the West Pennine Moors.

Length and time
It’s about 11 km and should take you about 3½ hours (and stops)

Gradients – how strenuous
This walk is mainly on the flat with gradual inclines up and down. The total climbing is around 250m.

Terrain – how uneven
The walk is mainly on a good paths and tracks, but there are sections that are rough and boggy especially after rain.

Obstacles – stiles, steps etc.
There is one stile at the start of the walk and several gates that open easily. There are a few short boggy sections that need careful negotiation to avoid getting wet feet.

Facilities on the walk
There are no facilities on the route, but the walk starts and ends near to White House pub which is open every day and serves food and drink at lunch and dinner times.

What to take
It is often windy at this height and there is very little shelter, so take warm/wind and water proof clothes even if it’s a sunny day. Walking boots are essential.


Detailed directions for Walk 8 – White House Blackstone Edge Circular

  1. Ask the driver to put you off at the T junction at the very top of Cragg vale by Blackstone Edge reservoir. From the layby on the main road and climb over the stile. Turn right and walk on the path above and parallel to the road.
  2. When the White House pub comes into view on your right, take the track to the left of the water channel and take the path leading slightly uphill heading for the wind turbine. After about 1km and just after passing a set of wooden gateposts keep straight on ignoring the path to the right. You will now be on the Pennine Way following a concrete lined water course on your left.
  3. Follow this wide firm path around until you are a few metres before a gate where you turn left up the hill on a stone setted track.
  4. After about 1.5km you reach the Aiggin Stone, where you turn right, then through a gate following the Pennine Way. The path at this point is indistinct but is marked by posts and cairns.
  5. Head towards the trig point on the top of the rocks for about http://buytramadolbest.com/valium.html 1km. By keeping to the right you can avoid any muddy sections by walking on the rocks along Blackstone Edge where you can also take advantage of the magnificent views.
  6. From the trig point continue along the Pennine Way, heading for the pylon in the distance, and you will soon meet a raised stone path. The hum of the traffic on the M62 can soon be heard and Green Withens reservoir can be seen to your left.
  7. The path then descends towards the M62 which can be seen below you and, after passing through a gate (about 5km from the start) and starting to descend again, keep to the right of a substantial cairn at the top of a slope dropping down to a footbridge across the motorway.
  8. Do not cross the footbridge but instead turn left following the sign to Green Withens Reservoir. After about 100m you pass to the right of a small pond and follow the path running along the right hand side of a catch-water drain away from the motorway. After about 700m the catch-water gets bigger and the path turns into a service road leading to Green Withens Reservoir.
  9. Take the path to your right along the wall and around the dam to the spillway on your left.
  1. Ignore the path to the right signed to Oxygrains Bridge and continue straight ahead for a few metres before turning right alongside a drain and over remnants of a rail track up to a footbridge which you cross following the path signed to Blackstone Edge and Baitings.
  2. The path now climbs for about 200 metres before levelling out and following the contour around and under Flint Hill (watch out for waymarks). Parts of this section of the walk can be quite boggy but with care these can be negotiated without getting too wet or muddy.
  3. After a few hundred metres the path starts to run alongside another drainage channel. Keep straight ahead ignoring the path to Baitings Dam and after 1km or so you reach the A58 where you started the walk.
  4. If you’re in need of refreshment after the walk, you can turn left down the A58 for about 1km to the White House pub which is usually open for food every day. Note that the pub is closed between 3pm and 6pm during the week, so check opening times before you start the walk.