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Approx 30-40 minutes each way. Easy going.

From St George’s Square in the centre of Hebden Bridge, take the road in between the Shoulder of Mutton and Bridge Mill. With the Town Hall on your left, turn right into Valley Road. Continue right along Valley Road until it veers left past the Children’s play area and becomes Victoria Road. Turn second right, and then first left into Spring Grove. At the end of Spring Grove, you will see the old bridge at Salem over the Hebden Water.

The old bridge at Salem

The old bridge at Salem

View from the old bridge at Salem

View from the old bridge at Salem

After crossing the bridge, turn right along the riverside path.

The riverside path used to be surrounded by Himalayan balsam (Eppley). Volunteers have now removed most of this invasive plant, along this stretch of the river.

Continue along the riverside path past the cricket and bowling grounds. Look out for a stunning collection of allotments on the left.


Just past the bowling green, the path forks – see above. Take the left can i buy cialis online in canada fork, and start walking up, past the inappropriate pine trees on the left. The landscape changes. You can see sheep in the fields and old farm buildings.


Follow the path as it turns back on itself just beyond this point.

Very soon, you turn right up steps pictured below.


Go up the steps (now cleared by CROWS volunteers) until you reach the track at the top. Turn right on to the track.


Walk along this tarmac track for a couple of hundred yards.


Take the next track off to the right


This track takes you back down to rejoin the Hebden Water


As you approach the beginning of Hardcastle Crags proper, you pass the Blue Pig on your left.


Turn right just past the Blue Pig to the old bridge. From here you can walk into the Crags.

crags11aThe entrance to the path alongside the river.


The easier main path along which you can walk through the centre of the Crags.

Alternatively, you may choose to retrace your steps back to Hebden Bridge.


Up The Buttress and back down
by way of Hell Hole Rocks

Approx half an hour each way. Upward walk very steep.


Heptonstall viewed from the other side of the Calder Valley, with Hell Hole Rocks visible just below the village.

Starting off from the pedestrianised Bridge Gate, cross over the old Pack Horse bridge. Turn right. Opposite the Hole in the Wall pub you will see a wide cobbled path going up, known as The Buttress.


At the top you come to Lee Wood Road. Turn right and walk along the road until you see the next footpath going up on your left (below left).



Walk up this path (above right)


You will probably need a rest before you walk up the last stretch along the Heptonstall Road.


Turn right and keep walking until you arrive at the village of Heptonstall.

5124Continue along the cobbled main street until you see a left turn, marked “Museum”.

Follow this path past the museum on your left and the ruined old church on your right. Continue along the path to the left of the new church and then left on to Church Lane.


Continue straight on until you take the right fork (above right)


Some stunning views of the upper Calder Valley are visible along the path back down to Hebden Bridge.


Hell Hole Rocks


Follow the path down past Hell Hole Rocks until you rejoin the Heptonstall Road, much lower down than when you left it. Continue walking down the road until you come to a path on your left, known as the Cuckoo Steps.


Just over halfway down the Cuckoo Steps (above left) turn left (above right) into Melbourne Street. You are nearly back in the centre of Hebden Bridge.

At the end of Melbourne Street, turn right and almost immediately left into Garnet Street. At the end of Garnet Street go down the steps, and walk left alongside the river until you return to the Old Bridge where we started.