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What are easy walks?
Different grades of easy walking
Introducing the walks
Walks in the valley bottom
Walks on the tops
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What are Easy walks?

Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd are fantastic centres for walking, but many people think that because our town is set in the deep Calder valley, you have to be very fit to walk round here. NOT TRUE, there are plenty of strolls that anyone can do.

All the routes on this page are generally level, without any significant climbing. And don’t think that easy walks are just about walking in the valley bottom. With the aid of public transport, you can enjoy easy walks on the tops to take in the wonderful views (or the atmospheric low cloud if you are unlucky!)

AND IT KEEPS YOU HEALTHY. Walking is an excellent natural way to help you stay healthy and gain pleasure from your surroundings. Doctors agree that walking helps protect your body from illnesses and health problems, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoarthritis and the most common type of diabetes. It is also a great way to fight depression and relieve stress.

The good news is that almost everyone can do it, at any time, for free! Walking needs no special equipment or clothes apart from a decent pair of shoes (although many people swear by walking poles which help with balance and stiff joints). Most of the walks can be done with a buggy, but only the town trail and the Dodnaze walk are 100% suitable for wheel chairs.

A woodland path close to the centre of Hebden Bridge
A woodland path close to the centre of Hebden Bridge

Different grades of easy walking

To help you decide whether it’s the right way for your ability, we have developed a standard format for grading each walk. We welcome comments on this approach.

Length and time
The length of each walk is measured in kilometres and miles. The time is based on 1 mile an hour. This may seem slow, but it includes stopping and looking at views, short rests and tea breaks, but it does not include optional long lunches at the Stubbing Wharf Hotel!

This is about how strenuous the walk is (none of the walks involve long steep inclines). The terms used describe the overall gradient – for example, a mainly flat canal walk or a few gentle inclines. There may also be some specifics – for example, ‘a short slope over a canal bridge’.

This describes how uneven the walk is and the walking surface for example, ‘some pavement and some well maintained woodland paths’. We also indicate whether the surface may be more difficult after rain.

This describes anything which may be difficult for people with restricted mobility – for example stiles and steps etc

These include things like pubs and cafes, toilets and linking bus services.

Points of interest
These highlight points of historical or other interest which you might pass by without noticing.

Introducing the walks

The walks ave been contributed by several groups including our members. We have divided them up in to walks on the tops and walks in the valley.

Valley bottom walks

There are four valley bottom walks you can download from this website:

Walks on the tops

For all walks on the tops we recommend that people always be prepared for bad weather. You can set off in brilliant sunshine and 15 minutes later be in horizontal freezing rain. Always take a waterproof and a hat and don’t assume that your mobile phone will work.

For these walks we try to provide information on how to get to the start by public transport. If you find this too daunting, we provide a car alternative at the end of the directions.

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Add your easy walk

We welcome ideas for additional walks, please email us with your suggestions at info@hbwalkersaction.org.uk